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A POP of Color

I do not schedule family photos often. To be honest, it stresses me out. The idea of planning outfits, finding locations, BRUSHING MY DAUGHTERS HAIR, and scheduling a day to do this all feels like too much. I am one to get inside of my head, I can easily plan out an entire event as if it has happened and look back on the factitious disaster and make a decision solely based on that. The HUGE problem with this is that it is misleading! I miss out of the experience and I miss out on surprising myself with the fact that I actually don’t know it all. Who would have thought?

Are you guilty of this too?

If so let me let you in on something. I did it! I planned the session, I bought the outfits and we had a BLAST! … I did not know it all.

The difference between my factitious disaster & reality

The difference was my mindset. I had to shift my perspective and lighten up and choose to make this session 100% intentional and personal. I trusted my gut and went with my vision for my fun loving, chaotic family. We are filled with all sorts of personality and colorful characteristics! With that being said, I knew I wanted a colorful mural involved.

I searched online for a bit, googling Houston Art Murals. I am familiar with The Houston Graffiti Wall and played with that idea for a bit. Here is a link to that, it is worth checking out if ever in Houston.

I love and appreciate the art there, it just didn’t match up with the vision I had in mind. I searched some more and found a mural in at First Colony Mall in Sugar Land, TX. I drove by to check it out. The mural was beautiful and fitting, but it was really close to a busy street and that wouldn’t work with our 3 little ones. They like to randomly take off in sprints in unpredicted directions. Keep me on my toes!

Without doubt, I came across a very helpful blog post and found the perfect mural for our family!

Check her blog out here:

Now that I knew the colors of the mural, it was time to shop!

Old Navy: I LOVE Old Navy for kid clothes. I found matching yellow dresses and adorable brown suede flats for our girls. I found a cute navy button up shirt with orange and yellow suns on it. I also found navy shorts with tiny white dots on them for my husband. Super cute!

DSW: I knew I wanted to find a fun royal blue dress and wear yellow pumps! DSW did not let me down. I found a pale yet bright pair of yellow pumps on sale, I think they were originally $89.00 and I scored them for $18.00.

Macy’s: Let me just say, I love Macy’s for dresses. I can ALWAYS find a dress for any occasion there. The beautiful royal blue dress stood out quickly. It was also on sale and the cashier hooked me up with a coupon! Sw-eeet!

Just like that, I was ready for this photo session adventure. Our photographer, Kayla Waddle is so good with kids! My girls where not very cooperative but she hung in there like a champ and captured great moments of us all.

I am so glad that we added a POP of Color to our family photos! They are so fun! Here are a few to check out.

Paint Drip Wall. 5909 Washington Ave. 

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